Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So today I am going to talk about technology. It seems like technology is outstripping common sense. What things should and should not be allowed on the internet? Should it really be this Wild Wild west? Maybe it should not. But then again maybe it should... What kind of information are search engines currently fighting against. It seems that they are currently being careful with copyright infringement stuff, and also revealing people's personal information on the internet... But when are harmless pranks on the internet going too far. There are numerous cases of people pulling practical jokes on others with their internet accounts, and the law coming and taking matters into their own hands. The internet? The final frontier? Will there be new technology that will outstrip the internet, in this digital age? One thing is certain, where there is a system, there are other systems to police them. If there is one thing that is certain, especially with the introduction to SOPA reforms, is that with time, there will come to be reforms with the internet and what can and can't be published despite first amendment rights!

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